To help you better understand what membership at Sunnybrook is all about, we've created our "4 Bases" membership classes. The 4 Bases classes are a great way to meet new people and find out if Sunnybrook is the right fit for your spiritual journey.

The 4 Bases are offered during the months of March and October, on Sunday's from 1:00-3:30. 

9th-12th grade students can also go through the 4 Bases program.

For Information regarding the next Membership class, please contact the church office at 712-276-5814 or email

Base 1: Knowing Christ
Teacher: Pastor Jeff Moes

This class covers how to have a personal relationship with God, what Sunnybrook's purpose and vision is, and what we believe. This class also serves as the membership class for those wanting to join Sunnybrook.

Base 2: Growing in Christ
Teacher: Jeff Thelander

Learn how to read the Bible, how to pray, how to connect with other believers. This class takes you through the basics of growing as a Christ-follower.

Base 3: Serving Christ
Teacher: Laurie Van Cura

Through this class, you'll discover how God uniquely created you to be part of His family, what your specific gifts and talents are, and how you can put them into action at Sunnybrook. 

Take a spiritual gifts assessment to enhance your experience of Base 3.  Click here to access the link.

Base 4: Sharing Christ
Teacher: Matt Holmes

For anyone who's ever longed to share with someone how they can begin a personal relationship with Christ, this class will teach you how to share your story and God's story.