"Love your neighbor as yourself." - Matthew 22:39


Love Your Neighbor is a movement across the Siouxland area
where people love their neighbors in tangible ways.

Who is my neighbor?  Everyone.

How can you LOVE them?  Do something.


week two ideas:

Crittenton Center in Sioux City is in need of items for the summer:

  • Socks and underwear of all shapes and sizes
  • Backpacks / duffle bags/ suitcases
  • Summer rec. stuff (basketballs or footballs--no baseballs or bats)
  • Gently used bikes
  • Gift cards for children who come in with nothing
  • Movie passes

Visit iowakidsnet.com to find out more about volunteering, donating or fostering a child.

Make a meal  --a single parent, a family battling an illness or a family with a new baby and deliver it with a LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR CARD.

Who are the poor?  How can we help them the right way and not the wrong way?  Join Pastor Jeff as he teaches us the basic principles of helping in a way that maintains the dignity of the people we help.