Jeff Moes

Lead Pastor

Kevin Negaard

Executive Director of Operations

Laurie Van Cura

Executive Pastor of Ministries

Lydia Miller

Executive Pastor of Creative Arts

Amanda Brophy

Family Ministry Director

B.J. Van Kalsbeek

Pastor of Congregational Life Ministry

Tiffany Bligh

Finance/HR Director

Bonnie Van Holland

Connections Director/Executive Support

Megan Likness

Missions/ Hope Center Director

Jeanie Jorgensen

Communications Director

Tim Horken

Worship/Technical Director

Erich Erdman

High School Ministry Director

Matt Delzell

Middle School Ministry Director

Beth Thelander

Basecamp Director

Bryan Van Holland


Todd Coon

Custodial Services Director

Erin Neldeberg

Music Director

Janet Coon

Mission Manager

Larry Dooley

Production Manager

Teri Quintana

I.T./Data Manager

Deb Schroeder

Student Ministry Manager & SMILE Coordinator

Rachel Potter

Family Ministry Assistant

Abbie Edgar

Ministry Assistant

Jagger Horken

Creative Arts Assistant

Tim Poppen

Video Production Coordinator

Jon Moravec

Care Ministry Assistant

Jammie Geels

Finance Assistant

Sylvia Kiel

Basecamp & Skill School Coordinator

Angela Conover

Elmer's Cafe Manager

Jeff & Susie Edgar

Prayer Ministry Coordinators

Jeff Thelander

Teaching Team

Nick Paulsen

Worship Leader

Rod Bligh

Basecamp Worship

Rick Twiford

Custodial Assistant

Joe Kimbell

Custodial Assistant

Tasha Conklin

Church Assistant

Dirk Bak

College Ministry Assistant &. Morningside Campus Representative

Dan Wubbena

Morningside Campus Representative

Collin Hop

Creative Arts Assistant

Liz Chilton

Basecamp Coordinator

Anthony Anderson

Ministry Assistant