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The Story I'll Tell Day 10

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Scripture: Isaiah 2:22  Stop trusting in mere humans, who have but a breath in their nostrils.  Why hold them in esteem?

Devotional:  Whose opinion matters most in your life?  A parent?  Boss?  Spouse? Child? Someone you admire? Sometimes what those people think or say matter to us more than what God thinks and says of us, whether that be positive or negative. Friends, this should not be. 

The Creator of the Universe, the One who created light, who told the waters where to stop, who created every creature in all their artistic beauty and  formed the majestic mountains; that same Creator created you.  He knows you more intimately than anyone and has purpose for you. No one is more worthy of your trust and esteem than He is.  No one. 

Stop idolizing others before God.  Let Him be the only One whose opinion matters in your life.  And oh, the story you’ll tell. 


  • Who have you allowed to matter more than God? Pray for the strength to stop allowing them to be an idol in your life.