Jeff Moes

Lead Pastor

Kevin Negaard

Executive Director of Operations

Laurie Van Cura

Executive Pastor of Ministries

Lydia Miller

Co-Family Ministry/Middle School/Connections Director

Matt Holmes

Co-Family Ministry/Children's/College Director

Jeff Thelander

Spiritual Formation Ministry Director

B.J. Van Kalsbeek

Pastor of Congregational Life Ministry

Tom Chilton

High School Ministry Director

Tim Horken

Worship/Technical Director

Jeanie Jorgensen

Communications Director

Todd Coon

Custodial Services Director

Bryan Van Holland

Facilities/Grounds Director

Bonnie Van Holland

Executive Support Director

Tiffany Bligh

Human Resources/Finance Manager

Janet Coon

Office Manager

Megan Likness

Missions Manager

Marjo Stevens

IT Manager

Beth Thelander

Children's Ministry Manager/Basecamp Jr. Coordinator

Zach Swanson

Connections Coordinator/Family Ministry Asst

Jill Holmes

Children's Ministry & Basecamp Coordinator

Cassie Chilton

KidZone & Camp Coordinator

Tim Poppen

Creative Ministries Coordinator

Steve Gast

Analytics Coordinator

Teri Quintana

Childcare Coordinator/Family Ministry Assistant

Abby Hubbling

BabyZone Coordinator

Jammie Geels

SMILE Coordinator & Sunday Curriculum Asst

Tim Geels

SMILE Coordinator

Chris Erickson

Section Ministry Coordinator

Sylvia Kiel

Skill School Coordinator

Jeff & Susie Edgar

Prayer Ministry Coordinators

Caleb Sander

Congregational Life Assistant

Erin Neldeberg

Worship Leader

Nick Paulsen

Worship Leader

Rod Bligh

Children's Ministry Worship Leader

Larry Dooley

Production Assistant

Mandy Clausen

Administrative Assistant

Jessica Johnston

Finance Assistant

Steven Dykes

Custodial Assistant

Kris Harlow

Custodial Assistant

Rick Twiford

Custodial Assistant

Joe Kimbell

Custodial Assistant

Rosie Vasquez

Hispanic Ministry Assistant

Tasha Conklin

Church Assistant

Stephanie Mitchell

Ministry Assistant

Dirk Bak

College Ministry Assistant &. Morningside Campus Representative

David & Terissa Leinart

WIT Campus Representatives

Chad & Stacia Eisenga

Briar Cliff Campus Representatives

Gabe Luse

Elmer's Cafe

Bethany Lukart

Elmer's Cafe